Who’s next to blow? (UK Edition)

2016 was a great year for many artists for a lot of artists in the UK scene, but 2017 has a lot more in store for the UK. It is said that 2016 was a year for UK music to rise and evidently, it has. Skepta opened doors for the scene with the release of Konnichiwa, the collab with Drake and Pharrell Williams and continued setting the pace winning the mercury prise placing Grime music in the mainstream.

Over the years UK music has been introduced into the spotlight and many artists have had their chances to rise up such as Wiley, BBK, JME, Kano, Krept & Konan, Stormzy, Lethal Bizzle, Sneakbo, Giggs, Chip, Bugzy Malone (Debatable but his track M.E.N has just over 11 million views on youtube and the beef with Chip also put him in the limelight), JHUS, Nines, Novelist and Many more. However the game is about survivor of the fittest and so to speak these artists in no particular order have evidently put in the workrate and consistently provide great tracks.

1. Yxng Bane


It is certy that Yxng Bane is a crowd controller, especially if you’ve seen him in his live perfomances. He has been known to not only provide bangers for the mandem but also for the ladies i.e. ‘Fine Wine’, The album drop full moon, the headline show (Absolutely mental with support from Kojo Funds) to the remix of Ed sheeran’s latest track – Shape of you. Yxng Bane has been providing his fans with consistent catchy bangers.

If you don’t know about Yxng Bane, then take a listen to his music and watch this remix to Ed Sheeran’s – Shape of you, i’m sure you’ll give it a nod of approval too.

SBTV – Yxng Bane – Shape of you Remix

Twitter: @Yxngbane  Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/yxngbane

2. Aj Tracey


Aj Tracey currently tearing up the Grime scene with tracks that set him up for the future and they just keep coming and coming. Aj Tracey started bussin out tunes from 2011, however as a new MC, your the only one that has faith in your own music to become big at some point but AJ then started jumping pirate radio stations with the EP ‘The Front’, which got plays on radio. The Alex Moran EP comes out and this is where the rise of AJ starts from with the bangers of ‘Spirit Bomb’ and ‘Naila’.

Aj has gone on to win sevral awards – Best Newcomer, mtv brand new and has been nomitated for a couple other awards. Aj has had sevral appearances and is known shut down shows including Eskimo dance with support from Big Zuu, YGG, RowD, Mic Ty, Jammz, Capo Lee, RD, Rocks and Spooks on the Decks.

Aj is consistently delivering the hardest tracks and now has an upcoming headline show for his latest EP release ‘Lil Tracey’ with many of the shows already sold out.

Follow Aj Tracey on Twitter: @Ajtracey Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ajtracey

Check his new track from the ‘Lil Tracey’ EP – Aj Tracey – Luke Cage

3. Santan Dave


Santan Dave is the man of the moment right now, at only 17 years, his achievements are incredible. Dave is a not only spits bars but he also plays keys and is quite decent as seen on BBC Radio 1xtra with DJ Semtex. Dave has now been crowned as one of Britains biggest upcoming MC, with over 10 million views on Youtube.

You’ll probably know Dave for his collaboration with Aj Tracey – Thiago Silva where they destroyed the refix instrumental of Pied Piper, which is currently just over 3 million views on Youtube.

Perhaps you now know him through Drake when he remixed Dave’s track ‘Wanna know’ which is massive for Dave. If you think that’s big then hear this…………….

Drake had a tour in the UK and brought out a couple man like Giggs, Krept & Konnan and even Dave to join him with the ‘Wanna Know remix’ Live.

Dave has also dropped an EP ‘Six Path’s’ which is something to brag about.

Dave and Aj Tracey have now made big moves to take over the USA & Toronto in March 2017.


Dave performs ‘Wanna Know’ at Drake’s Boy meets world tour

Follow dave on twitter:@Santandave1 Youtube: Click here

4. Kojo Fundskojo-funds

Kojo Funds has been in the UK scene for a couple years now an is still going strong. His music is just so appealing and proves to his fans that he is ready to take over. He has been able to blend his passion for Rap music and fused it together with Afrobeats, which is a new genre on the rise with Grime and UK Rap.

As you probably know Kojo has overcome the beef with JHUS because of the track ‘What do you want from me’ however we can see that Kojo is another artist is also putting the work in from tracks like ‘My 9ine’, ‘Dun talkin’ including the remixes and ‘Fine Wine’ all are popping off at the moment.

Kojo funds has had his headline show and still has a few unreleased projects to come in the near future. Kojo seems unstoppable and will continue to hit up your stereo with more bangers.

You can catch up with Kojo’s headline show and be the judge yourself – to watch Click here

Follow Kojo Funds twitter @Kojofunds Soundcloud: Click here

5. Mist


M.I.S. to the T!!!!!!

He just aint the same as all the other artist. He is a newcomer with a whole Arsenal of tunes to get you vybzing. Mist who is known to make hard tunes with Mostack is yet to blow this year. With Steel Banglez backing Mist, you already know that he won’t bring nothing but certified bangers.

Mist is definately someone who is up to take the title with his tour that was recently sold out. Trust me it’s gonna be a madness (Pardon the Pun). You can still get involved with shows and a couple tickets remaining in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

It’s looking likely that he will be getting attention from labels but he is definately one to look out for.

Follow Mist on twitter: @tweet_mist #Dirtymoney

6. Big Tobz


Big Tobz has been making a lot of noise in the music scene. He dropped a few projects but got attention from the Kool Nuh Vol 1 mixtape. The buzz for Kool Nuh had such weighty content, it was certified that Tobz was making the right moves.

It is fate that has kept Tobz, i’m sure you will remember back when Tobz got shot and stabbed or for arguments sake sliced but he gained all the support from his fans and family and in no time was back at what he does best making music.

Big tobz can be best known for his tracks ‘Uno my style’ which included a few remixes blessed by the likes of Stefflon Don, Ms Banks and another version with features of WSTRN, Avelino and Donae’o.  Tobz is also the man behind ‘Controlla’ and  the famous track ‘Believe in your Barber’.

Follow Big Tobz on twitter: @BigTobzsf

7. Cadet


Cadet, the man himself is an underated legend, who came into the scene with his single ‘Slut’ which definately got the scene talking. Cadet then grabs more attention with Linkup Tv’s behind bars.

Like all artists do Cadet finally released a project apart from the tracks listed were all hard hitting tunes.

In the third quater, last year we found out that Cadet had made a track called ‘letter to Krept’ where he revealed that Krept was his cousin, who already has blown so people initially think he is going to get the bring ins but Cadet held it down himself.

Cadet recently had his headline tour at o2 Islington, which was sold out and continues to do the biggest moves in the industry. Cadet has a really creative mind and you will see by his lyrical content and videos. He is also a great storyteller, which brings meaning to his music.

Follow Cadet on twitter: @callmecadet Take a look at Cadet’s new Video Cadet – Round Ere

8. Stefflon Donjeremih-london-ft-stefflon-don-krept-konan_9646636-6985_1800x945

Stefflon Don sure is fiesty and fierce, however can be seen as UK’s answer to Nicki Minaj with the swag of Lil Kim or Foxy Brown. Stefflon fuses UK rap with R&B, Dancehall and a few appearances in Grime music. Stefflon is known to be the queen of features and is bound to blow this year for a number of years.

2016 has been a good year for Stefflon, who featured on Jeremih’s  London track, which also featured Krept & Konan. Trust me being featured on Jeremih’s track is not a minor thing considering he is one the hardest artists and songwritters going at the moment.

Stefflon shows versatility in her music and also dropped a project ‘Real thing’ mixtape. She has not only is a great artist but also appeals to a wide range of audiences.

If you don’t know about Stefflon Don, watch her in action Jeremih – London ft Stefflon Don, Krept & Konan

Follow Stefflon Don on twitter: @Stefflondon

9. 67


67 are a shining light in the UK Rap scene bringing fresh UK drill music to our ears. 67 managed to reach number 1 in the itunes hiphop chart for their album drop and have been nominated for MOBO awards for best newcomers.

They absolutely anialated their UK tour and won best mixtape of the year at the K.A. and GRM Daily awards.

Follow 67 on twitter: @official6ix7

10. Novelist


Novelist started off in a group called ‘The Square’ who were nominated for best grime act in the mobos (2014). Novelist can be known for the clash with Wiley’s (The Godfather of Grime) brother Cadell back in 2013.

The Square were signed by Nohatsnohoods and released their first project ‘The Formula’ which circulated on the internet. XL recordings then signed him and he released a couple projects and the ‘Mumdance EP’.

2015 Novelist parts ways with ‘The Square’ in a good way and furthers his career by going solo. He then goes on to support Major Lazer on their tour, featured on Baauer’s track ‘Day Ones’ and also featured on Skepta’s Konnichiwa album.

2016 Novelist gets dropped from XL Recordings and then starts his own label ‘mmmyeh records’

Novelist has definately put in the work over the years so 2017 is looking up for him. We can even see he has now created a new genre called ‘Ruff Sounds’ which is a bit faster than the grime tempo.

Check out the new Ruff Sound here

Follow Novelist on twitter: @Novelist

Written by Charles Oluwawo



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